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Current Raffle winnable amount is $ 0.00. T-GOLD Winner will be anounced on This Sunday.
$.00 *TD's
and "T-GOLD"
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The more tickets you buy the better your chances....

Posted by Larry F. Hurn Jr. on Saturday, April 9, 2016

This is the lottery page. here is where you get to use your T-GOLD and the winner gets all...

A winner every Sunday... A raffle where every Sunday some one will win... Use the T-GOLD to get your raffle tickets. With the use of coding a winner is selected from the tickets on hold in the entire pot. Place your tickets in the pot for this weeks holdings.

Amount of tickets:

T-GOLD max: 100 tickets

Current Raffle winnable amount is $ 0.00.T-GOLD Winner will be anounced on Sunday.
Use this paypal button to buy more T-GOLD then you can buy more tickets.... this will also get your Paypal email active with your account...
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